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About Us
Becky Heinze, CB

During my 18+ years experience in keeping books and records, I have worked with individuals, Sole-Proprietors and small Corporations. 

I started by doing the bookkeeping for our own cabinet shop and kitchen design firm in the Northwest. 

This helped me understand the importance of accurate, comprehensive bookkeeping to running a business.  It also helped me develop precision and attention to detail.  

My experience can help keep your business running smoothly. 


Becky's Bookkeeping, LLC
Becky Heinze, CB
Santa Fe, NM
(505) 412-2826

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In 2004 I started Becky's Bookkeeping, LLC here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Since then, I have I have done bookkeeping for many different industries, including:

 -Construction Trades
 -Non-Profit / Tax Exempt
 -Small Restaurant
 -Medical Offices
 -Executive Employment Search Firm
 -Counseling Services

In 2006 I completed the battery of exams required to become a 
Certified Bookkeeper (CB) through The Americn Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

I continue to keep abreast of new bookkeeping developments and requirements through continuing professional education.

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