Becky's Bookkeeping, LLC                                                   AIPB Certified
         Keeping your Books so you can do your Job!  

Becky's Bookkeeping, LLC, Santa Fe, NM

You LOVE having your
   own businesss
   (that's why you started it!)
   But the nitty-gritty of everyday
   bookkeeping just doesn't
   appeal to you.

   That's where I come in.  
 I will help you organize your paperwork and keep
accurate records that will
 make your 
CPA very happy!

   Bookkeeping doesn't
   just do itself. 
   Let me do it for you,
so you
   can get back to what you
   really wanted to do
   in the first place!

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Pro


Payroll & Reports

Non-Profit / Tax-Exempt

Tax Records Prep. for your CPA 

Becky's Bookkeeping, LLC
Becky Heinze, CB
Santa Fe, NM
(505) 412-2826

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